Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cool Satellite Images

This is really cool. If you've not seen Google Earth yet you need to go and download it and try it. I was looking at it the other day, and I can even make out my white vehicle in my driveway! One caution though, if you live in the country you may not be able to see things clearly as the pixels are not quite as focused as city and town areas.

Outlook Web Access Email

Our teachers use Outlook Web Access for e-mail. We have an Exchange 2003 server that offers quite a few add ons to other versions of Outlook. For example, if you'd like to create a signature in your e-mail just click on Options, and choose the button that says Edit Signatures. Here you can compose information that will accompany every e-mail you send. One important note: You must choose Save and Close for your signature to show on your next message!

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