Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yet Another...

The Internet never seems to amaze me. I spend a majority of every evening online surfing around, reading news feeds, searching for nothing particular, just to see what's out there. I sometimes read other blogs. Really good blogs sometimes can be difficult to find, but I can usually find things that are helpful to me or would be helpful to others in some way. Occasionally one has to search blog archives to come across a little helpful tidbit of information. Although this means that someone found a helpful tip, program, or other information long before I did, but who cares? The more the information gets around, the more we all benefit from it. Looking through Kathy Schrock's Blog this morning, I found an archive where ThinkFree Office Online was listed and linked. So many things to use are online and are free!!!

Image from ThinkFree Office Online


Kathy Schrock said...
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Kathy Schrock said...

Thank you for including my blog, Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch, in your blogroll on blog. When you get a moment, could you please change the link to

So many districts block Blogger that I moved it to my own server. Thank you!