Monday, January 09, 2006

TTTC--Too Tired To Care


I am too tired to update anything tonight so I thought I'd just enter something simple--no reviews, no articles, no nothing by just typing. This is really more of what a blog is supposed to be, isn't it? I mean, if we are to use blogging in the classroom shouldn't it be like a journal of thoughts and sometimes ramblings? I'm not very good at just jotting down personal thoughts, so mine may be more like ramblings. The typos are going great tonight. I can type pretty well, but I'm so tired I can't concentrate very well and I think I'm backspacing over more mistakes and correcting them that I am actually attempting to make sense.

Had some good laughs today. Ya know, laughter is just what we need sometimes. Some of my colleagues really make me laugh, and when I laugh in the office everyone knows it. Sometimes I embarrass myself when somebody comes to see what I'm laughing at because I can laugh so loudly. Oh well, if it makes others smile in the process what's a little boisterous noise going to hurt?

Do you blog in your classroom? If so, how do your students use it? I'd love to hear comments on this subject. What are your districts policies on students using the Internet in this manner? I feel that ours will need to be expanded a little bit because of this. We can already use student work, but with parental permission only.

Thoughts? Go ahead. I've got sandpaper in my eyes from the sandman, and I'm outta here...

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