Sunday, January 22, 2006

USB Flash Drives

I'm sure quite a few of you folks own your own USB flash drive. Believe it or not, I have seven of them!! I find them quite useful. However, many of you may not know that there are portable applications that can be found on the web just for flash drives. There are portable versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, antivirus scanners, Open Office, etc. Just do a Google search for "portable applications USB" and you'll see what I mean! You can even load Spybot on a flash drive and clean your own hard drive of spyware from your flash drive! There is also a fully functioning distribution of the Linux operating system that can be run from a flash drive.

I've even read a few articles from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where we'll soon be able to purchase wireless USB hubs for our printers, etc. I look forward to a life with fewer wires!

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